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Update: the recent issue with signing in to Garmin Connect™ has been fixed. Garmin had made substantial changes to their sign in process which took some time to work through. MNany thanks to everyone who reported bugs and left feedback, and please accept our apologies for the length of time it has taken to fix.

Astro Fitness is an app for smartphones running Windows Phone (8, 8.1 and 10), which allows users to view and be updated on their workout activities stored on the Garmin Connect™ portal.

The app is available from the Windows Phone Store, and can be tried in a free trial mode (with some functionality reduced) before a user decides to upgrade to the full paid-for version for a small fee. Upgrades can be done simply from within the app, which will navigate the user to the appropriate page on the Windows Phone Store to make the purchase.

If you are already using the app, and especially if you have paid for the full version, please let us say a huge "thank you" for your support. If you haven't already, please consider writing a review.

To make use of the app, you must have access to a Garmin Connect™ account (from Accounts are free, and you do not need to own any Garmin GPS hardware to make use of one. Workouts and activities can be added manually, or imported from a variety of file formats. Please refer to the Connect web site for more information on accounts, uploads, imports, etc.

The AstroTrack™ live tracking service is now fully available - please follow the link to find out more.

Getting Started


When you first launch the app after downloading, you will be prompted to provide your sign in details for the Garmin Connect™ web site. These are required to retrieve your profile, workouts, connections and other data. Your details are stored on your phone, in an area only accessible to this app, and are only ever sent to the Garmin web site over an encrypted HTTPS session.

The settings screen is shown to the right. Enter your Garmin details at the top. The other settings are not essential to operation of the app, but affect the functionality you will receive. Tap the "OK" or back button to save them. You will be presented with the main page after the app logs in to Garmin Connect™ as you.

Main Page

The main page of the app is split into 5 (6 if you have a trial version) sections that are arranged horizontally across the page. You can switch between sections either by swiping left and right, or by tapping on the section headers along the top of the screen (the current section header is highlighted and others are dimmed).


The "profile" section shows the profile of the current user as stored on Garmin Connect. The user's name, location, bio, motivation and photo are displayed.

The app starts by showing your profile, but as you navigate around, you will be able to view the profiles of other Garmin Connect users with whom you are connected (the whole page will show the other user's details, so all sections below will update also).

By default, users' Garmin Connect profiles are marked as private, so it may be that you cannot see any information about other users, even if you are connected to them and can view other information such as workout details.



The "stats" section shows a summary of the current user's activities over the past 12 months. If you are using a trial version of the app, this will be limited to only the last 2 months. The statistics are presented in both a bar chart and a table view below (simply scroll to see more of the table). The graph shows a maximum of 10 months due to screen space limitations, but the remaining 2 months are in the table at the bottom.

By default, the graph displays the total calories burned per month, but this can be changed using the links at the top to show either the number of activities or the total distance covered. The screenshots to the right illustrate the different views, and also demonstrate how the look and feel of the app changes to match your selected theme colours.


The "activities" section shows a scrolling list of all the workout activities the current user has uploaded on Garmin Connect, ordered with the most recent first.

Each activity shows the type with a simple icon, date/time, title, distance, time taken, average speed, average pace and total calories burned.

As you scroll down the list, it will automatically keep loading more activities to add to the bottom of the list until all the user's activities have been loaded (if you scroll far enough).


Tap on any activity to display more details about that activity on a separate page.

This shows a more detailed summary of the activity across 3 sections that scroll horizontally like the main page - Details, Map and Graphs. The Details section shows a summary of the activity, with max speed, lap times, the Garmin device used to capture the data, etc. The Map section shows an interactive map of the route, which can be zoomed and panned to examine it in more detail.

The Graphs section shows further data such as elevation, pace, speed, heart rate, cadence and temperature in a line graph format (if your Gaarmin device has captured these - not all data is available on some devices).

Note that the Graphs section is not available on the free trial version of the app, and a message to that effect will replace the data. Simply upgrade to the full version to get access to your graph data.


The "AstroTrack" section displays a list of recent activities you have recorded using the AstroTrack tracking service. Tapping any activity will display more details in the same manner as the Garmin activities above.



The "connections" section displays a list of other Garmin Connect users who have accepted connection requests from the current user. Each is displayed with their name and profile picture (if made available, otherwise a default "running man" is shown).

Tapping any user will cause the main page to refresh to show their profile, stats, activities and connections, including being able to view more details of each activity as above. You can then browse to one of their connections, or use the phone's "back" button to return to the previous user's details.

Alongside other user in the connections list is a "pin" icon (this is not displayed next to your user). Tapping this will pin a tile showing that user's information to your phone's home screen. You can also pin a user to the screen by tapping the "pin" icon on the bottom bar while viewing their details. To pin your own information, simply pin the main app icon to the home screen. Each pinned tile can be resized to be small, medium or wide, and will update automatically with new data for the user. Examples of each tile are shown to the right. Tiles are discussed in more detail in the live tiles section below.



The "trial" section is only shown if the app is running in its free trial mode.

The trial version is free to use, with no time limit, but imposes the following simple restrictions on its use:

  • You can only view the last 2 months' statistics on the "Stats" page - this is increased to 12 in the full version
  • You can only view your last 3 activities on the "Activities" page - this is unlimited in the full version
  • You can only pin 1 additional tile to your home screen - this is unlimited in the full version
  • The graphs for elevation, pace, speed, heart rate, cadence and temperature are not available on the activity details page (new in v1.0.3.0)
  • You can only view the last 3 days' worth of steps and sleep data (from vivofit) (new in v1.0.14.1)

The trial version is quick and easy to upgrade from the Windows Phone app store, and the in-app button will take you directly there.

In general, new features added to the app will only be available in the full version and will be excluded from the free trial. For the small cost of a one-off fee, an upgrade is well worth it.

Menu Bar

The menu bar at the bottom of the page will show the following menu icons:

- opens AstroTrack live tracking feature
- displays the Garmin Connect leaderboards
- displays daily steps data for vivofit users
- displays daily sleep data for vivofit users
- pins the current user to the phone's home screen (only if viewing a connection's profile rather than your own)




Live Tiles

Live Tiles are a great feature of Windows Phone, and allow updated content to be displayed easily and conveniently on your home screen. Any app can be "pinned" to show a tile on the home screen. To pin an app, swipe left to get to the full list of apps, then tap and hold on the app until the pop up menu appears, then select "pin to start".

Pinning the Astro Fitness app will create a live tile that updates regularly to show your latest information from Garmin Connect™. Each tile can be resized to one of 3 sizes - small square, medium square and wide.

The wide and medium square tiles show the following information:

  • The total number of activities completed in the last 12 months in the bottom right (the larger number)
  • The total distance covered in the last 12 months
  • The total number of calories burned in the last 12 months
  • The total time spent in activities in the last 12 months
  • The date of the user's last activity

The small square tile shows only:

  • The total number of activities completed in the last 12 months in the bottom right
  • The date of the user's last activity

Additional tiles for other users can be created by tapping the "pin" icon in the "connections" list or on the application bar at the bottom of the app. Each tile can be resized and moved independently. Tiles automatically use your phone's theme colour as their background. These additional tiles show the relevant user's name in the bottom left hand corner (the default one for your details shows "12 months" here to make it clear what the statistics relate to).

Live tiles are updated every time you launch the app, and regularly on a schedule even when the app is not running. This schedule is approximately every 30 minutes, but this can vary by up to 10 minutes, as it is controlled by the phone's operating system and not the app itself.

Tapping any live tile will launch the app to show the relevant user's page. This allows you to navigate directly to one of your friends' information if you notice they have been busy recently.


It is a long-term goal to make the app work with Garmin's bluetooth enabled devices (e.g. Edge 810/510 and Forerunner 220) to provide a live tracking service and auto-upload of new activities. Unfortunately, that is not yet possible. However, as an intermediate solution, it is now possible for friends and family to track your activities in real time via the new AstroTrack™ live tracking service. This is available only in the paid version of the app, and is free for its initial beta period.

For further information, please click here.

Please note that using the AstroTrack service means that data is sent from your phone to our servers to enable it - this is discussed in more detail at the link above.

Reporting Problems

Unfortunately, all software has bugs and problems, despite our best efforts to find and remove them, so it is possible you may experience a "crash" or issue. In most cases, the app will attempt to fix the problem and continue, but it may not always be possible. In this case, an error reporting page will be shown that will ask you to submit an error report. This is done by creating an email for you to send (you will be able to review the contents of the email in advance, and it is not sent until you click the normal "send" button in the email app). The email will contain some simple information on your app (such as the version number, whether it is a trial, etc) and some diagnostic information to try and help us work out what went wrong and fix it in a future version. No personal information is included in the email and there is no way for us to identify your phone, etc from it (other than we will obviously see your email address when you send it).

These crash reports will really help with identifying and fixing problems, to make the app better in future for everyone. It would be really appreciated if you could take the time to send them whenever possible.


  1. How do I get a Garmin Connect™ account?
    Garmin Connect™ accounts are free to sign up, simply go to to sign up.
  2. Is my information safe?
    Your Garmin Connect™ username and password are stored locally on your phone, and only accessible to this app. They are only sent to the Garmin Connect™ web site to sign you in so the app can retrieve your details. When signing in, your details are sent over an encrypted channel using standard SSL (i.e. to a web URL starting with https://), just like your browser would do if you signed in manually. This ensures that they cannot be intercepted en-route from your phone to Garmin.

    If you choose to use the new AstroTrack™ live tracking service, your Garmin username will be sent to the AstroTrack server to tie your account to your Garmin Connect account. Your password is never sent. Again, all AstroTrack™ communiation is secured by SSL.

    Your details are never sent to any other web site or 3rd party.
  3. Will I get any spam?
    As above, we do not have any access to your information, or email address, and so cannot sell it or give it to any 3rd party. Garmin's use of your details is covered by their privacy policy, which can be found at

    Email addresses provided as part of AstroTrack™ configuration are used only to send tracking emails, and will never be passed to or sold to anyone else.
  4. Why are my live tiles the wrong colour?
    Live tiles automatically take on the colour of your phone's theme. From v1.0.6.0, tiles update their colour immediately on changing the theme. In previous versions, if you have recently changed your theme colour, however, the live tiles will not update their colour until their data is next updated. This will happen on the next update schedule (approximately every 30 minutes), or you can launch the app to force an update.
  5. Why are my live tiles not updating?
    Live tiles are updated on a schedule and when the app is launched. There are several things beyond the app's control which may prevent the schedule from working correctly, as it is managed by the operating system:
    • Scheduled updates may not happen if your phone is in battery saver mode
    • Each phone has a hard limit on the number of background tasks it can support (this varies by phone model and configuration, and can be as low as 6). It is possible your phone has reached this limit because of other apps and will not support further scheduled tasks. It is possible to check the number of tasks by launching the built-in "settings" app, then the "applications" tab and then selecting "background tasks".
    • A scheduled task may be unscheduled after 2 weeks if the app is not launched in that time - re-launching the app will recreate the schedule.
  6. Why can I not view my friends' profiles?
    By default, Garmin Connect™ sets your profile to be private and not visible to anyone else, even your friends. This can be changed on the "Privacy" tab under the "Settings" on Garmin Connect™ (at - ask your friends if they would mind changing the "Who can see your profile?" setting to "My Connections" instead.
  7. Why can I see friends' activities on the web site, but I get a "You do not have permission to view [name]'s activities" error in the app?
    The Garmin API requires that your friend allow you access to their profile as well as their activities for this to work - this can be changed on the "Privacy" tab under the "Settings" on Garmin Connect™ (at - ask your friends if they would mind changing the "Who can see your profile?" setting to "My Connections" instead.
  8. Will you support other languages?
    We would love to support other languages, but this represents a considerable investment in time and effort. If you would like a particular language, please let us know and we will consider it if there is enough interest.
  9. Why are my distances, etc shown in weird formats?
    The formatting of numbers, times, etc is based on your display preferences on Garmin Connect™ - these can be updated in the online settings at From v1.0.1.0, distances and speeds will be shown in either miles or kilometers depending on your online setting for "measurement units".
  10. Do you support Garmin Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the Edge 510 / Forerunner 220?
    Unfortunately, Bluetooth support is not currently possible because Garmin do not publish any information on how the communication protcol works between the device and iPhone/Android app. If you want this feature, we suggest you petition Garmin to make this information public for 3rd party developers :-)
  11. I have another problem/question - what should I do?
    Please contact us using the details below


If you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to email us at and make sure you mention that you are using Astro Fitness on Windows Phone so we can help as quickly as possible

If you like the app, we would appreciate you buying the full version rather than the trial, and leaving a review in the Windows Phone Store (please think about contacting us first if you have a problem rather than leaving a negative review - there are bound to be some initial problems with the first version of the app, and we would appreciate the chance to put them right).

This application makes use of the publically-available Garmin Connect™ REST API, but it is in no way affiliated with Garmin, and no endorsement by Garmin is implied. Garmin and Garmin Connect are © Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries.

In-app icons are taken from the "Icon8" set provided courtesy of Icons8 -

Version History

  • v - 26 June 2017
    • Fixes an issue affecting all users and preventing sign in to Garmin Connect™
  • v - 16 January 2016
    • Adds caching to improve general performance, especially on startup
    • Adds new menu option at the bottom to display daily report on steps for vivofit users - mirrors the page in the official iOS app, but includes display of current streak (when available from Garmin Connect - seems a little "hit and miss")
    • Adds new menu option at the bottom to display daily report on sleep for vivofit users - mirrors the page in the official iOS app, and allows sleep mood to be updated
    • Readability improvements to personal records on the front page - now divided into Running, Cycling and Steps
    • Adds "Current Streak" to list of personal records (when available from Garmin)
    • Further stability/usability enhancements, including some optimisation of the Garmin API to remove some redundant API internet calls
  • v - 28 December 2015
    • Fixes bug on the stats graph if there is no data to display - especially troublesome for new Garmin Connect™ accounts
    • Adds "Most Steps in a Week" and "Longest Goal Streak" to the list of personal records for Garmin vivofit users
  • v - 1 September 2014
    • Adds option to show activities split by type on "stats" page - shows separate bars on graph for running, cycling, swimming, other
    • Fixed bug when retrieving latest AstroTrack™ activities to prevent crashes
    • Added icon for "paddling" activity type - for all you kayakers out there
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 2 June 2014
    • Adds alternative metrics for calculating leaderboards (now track by distance, calories or average speed)
    • Adds ability to swipe leaderboards sideways to scroll through previous weeks
    • App now remembers what leaderboard type and metric you looked at last, and defaults to show that again
    • Fixes bug with main live tile not updating in some cases after an update - would show only the app icon
    • Improves AstroTrack™ pause detection to provide more accurate moving time and speed
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 15 May 2014
    • AstroTrack™ available in trial version as well as paid version
    • Fixes bug for back tiles not updating after purchasing full version from trial
    • Fixes bug for AstroTrack sessions - the average moving speed is now displayed correctly in miles/hr (would previously show the km/hr value labelled as miles/hr)
  • v - 2 May 2014
    • Adds moving time and average moving speed/pace to activity details display
    • Adds weekly leaderboard data - shows your position relative to your friends in terms of total running/cycling/swimming distance this week (as featured in Garmin iPhone app) - full version only
    • Adds toast notifications for when you take or lose the #1 position on a leaderboard - full version only
    • Improves line graphs on activity details page
    • Adds option to pin a live tile that opens directly into AstroTrack™ (after user feedback)
    • Bug fixes for AstroTrack™ when pausing tracking mid-activity, and to reduce redundant data upload
    • AstroTrack™ web tracking UI allows user to switch between moving and elapsed time, and allows export of data to CSV
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 23 April 2014
    • Adds "quick edit" option to activity details view - allows update to title, description, activity type and event type - full version only
    • Improves AstroTrack™ - total time, distance and map update in background even when phone is locked, summary view uses moving time rather than elapsed time for speed calculations
    • Adds list of AstroTrack™ activities to main page alongside Garmin Connect™ ones
    • AstroTrack™ calculates calorie burn
    • AstroTrack™ automatically selects the same activity type as your last tracking activity
    • Speed improvements when starting AstroTrack™
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 17 April 2014
    • Adds toast notifications when connections complete an activity - full version only
    • Improves AstroTrack™ interface - when tracking is finished, the app displays the summary details of the activity
    • Improvements to live tile updates to improve battery life
    • Adds "diagnostic report" option to enable better bug fixing
    • Adds ability to list all AstroTrack™ activities on web site
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 8 April 2014
    • Improves AstroTrack™ interface, adds speed, time, distance, pace display while tracking
    • Improves AstroTrack™ UX - tracking now starts automatically when GPS fix is obtained rather than needing another button tap (which many users did not realise)
    • Improves background colour of tiles - they now change immediately when you change the theme (in preparation for WP8.1 support for transparent tiles)
    • Improves load time of data on the main page - tabs are populated as they are loaded
    • Adds support for showing stat graphs for Garmin vivofit™ users - show total and average steps, and total calories
    • Fixes bug that could leave live tiles blank
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 5 April 2014
    • Tidies up text layout on back tiles, and wraps long activity titles
    • Beta release of AstroTrack™ live tracking service - only available in paid version, not free trial
    • Addresses memory issue with live tiles on Nokia Lumia 520 that meant they did not always update in the background
    • Adds display of "personal records" to the "profile" view - shows user's longest runs, fastest times, etc
    • Adds average and max heart rate to activity details page
    • Fixes bug with passwords containing non-alphanumeric characters that prevented sign in
    • Gracefully handles times when Garmin Connect™ web site is down for maintenance
    • Fixes bug where pace could be displayed incorrectly (e.g. as "7m 60s" instead of "8m 00s")
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 13 March 2014
    • Adds "back tiles" that flip around to show details of each user's last activity in addition to current yearly statistics - only available in paid version, not free trial
    • Preparation for live tracking - coming soon
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 8 March 2014
    • Adds graphs to activity view page that display the elevation, pace, speed, heart rate, cadence and temperature data for the activity (where available) - only available in paid version, not free trial
    • Fixes bug that causes crash when closing the app while showing an activity page, then resuming the app later
    • Fixes bug with animating bars on stats graph in cases where the Y-axis values are all zero, which causes the app to crash
    • Fixes bug with malformed coordinate data (out of range values for latitude or longitude) which cause the activity display page to crash
    • Improved activity icons for: walking, mountain biking, cycling, indoor cardio, mountaineering, strength training, sailing, rowing, boating
    • Further stability and usability enhancements
  • v - 26 February 2014
    • Fixes issues with new Garmin Connect™ sign-in process
    • Fixes bug when pinning live tile for another user from the "Connections" list - "Last activity" date was initially set incorrectly until 1st tile refresh
    • Long activity titles and descriptions wrap on activity view page
    • Added "dumbell" icon for indoor cardio activities (in place of "unknown" icon)
    • Fixes bug with displaying activity maps where temperature data is available, and phone is set to some languages (specifically includes German, but may be more)
  • v - 9 February 2014
    • Adds support for displaying distances/speeds in miles instead of only km - simply select the appropriate setting for "Measurement Units" under the "Display Preferences" section on your Garmin Connect™ account
    • Fixes bug that could cause the app to crash when the phone was set to use some languages other than English (including specifically Danish)
  • v - 4 February 2014
    • First public release


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